About Us
Welcome to the new Laserlife Littlejohn, an established manufacturing company for more than 50 years. In that time we have grown and evolved into a world leader of the printing and converting industry.

Today we are so much more than just a manufacturer. We have brought a whole new level of service to over 30 countries around the world.

The flagship of our business is the anilox technology which we have developed over 30 years and has earned Laserlife Littlejohn a reputation for supplying high quality and consistent anilox rollers throughout the world.

Also we have an impressive portfolio of partners that we represent from the around the globe. These partners are leaders in the field of their expertise and we are very proud to be part of their global strategies.

Laserlife Littlejohn has a highly skilled team which now tops 35 personnel with many years of experience with the company. Experience that money cannot buy.

Partnerships with our customers are crucial allowing us to continue to supply a world class product. Today our competitors are aggressively trying to win our market, a market we will not give up easily. We will continue to satisfy the needs of our customer by continuously improving our service and products.